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The Benefits of UV Hard Gel over Acrylic Nails

Many people have asked us: “What are the benefits of doing UV gel extensions over things like dip powder, or acrylic nails?” UV gel is an enhancement to extend the length and change the shape of your nail. Instead of drying on its own, it is cured under UV light without the use of evaporative solvents. It is not the same as gel polish. You can apply a gel polish coat over a UV gel extension for nail art or color. Acetone also does not break down hard gel like it does for gel polish, due to its tighter molecular structure.

There are many benefits to using UV hard gel. It has a shiny topcoat that will never discolor. It is hypoallergenic and beneficial to those with allergies. It is also less damaging to nails than acrylic, and better for nails with splits or other conditions. There are no strong fumes and it is healthier for both the client and nail technician. There is less filling and has better adhesion with acid free bonding. The bonding also hides lift and fill lines. It is quick curing and self-leveling with a natural, smooth finish. It is semi-permanent with a full set lasting up to a year with regular fill-ins.

Hard gel also has many other benefits over acrylic. It is more flexible and stronger than acrylic. Acrylic has a harder coat. Hard gel can take greater pressure and cause less damage in the event of a crack or damage to the nail. It also has more of a natural feeling than acrylic does. It’s safer for pregnant women due to the lack of fumes, and won’t yellow like acrylic does.

Here at Dream Nails and Spa we want the best for both ourselves, and our clients. From our years of experience we choose hard gel over other products, and always recommend them to our clients. We know you will love your new nails after a trip to our salon!