Tips For Pedicure Perfection

Prevent Smudges During Cold Weather

Plastic wrap can be a valuable tool for preventing smudges during the winter months. After your pedicure is finished, request that the technician apply oil to the polish on your toes. Next, cover them with the plastic wrap to protect them from damage caused by your socks or shoes.

If you want, you can even look for a special pair of socks that are specifically designed for pedicures. These socks have openings at the front that your toes poke through so that they don’t get smudged. Just put on the socks with flip flops and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can also invest in a pair of boots that have flaps that open at the front to leave your toes uncovered.

Leave Your Toenails Bare Periodically

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that unpainted toenails are boring or ugly. It is important to remember, however, that your nails occasionally need a break from polish so that they can breathe. Polish prevents air from getting to your nails. Try taking a week long break from polish once a month to give your toenails a chance to recover. If you get chips in your nail polish, you should just go ahead and remove it. Likewise, if it has been more than two weeks and you still have the same polish on, be sure to take it off so your toenails can get some air.

Pregnancy Is A Great Time For A Pedicure

Pregnancy is notorious for causing swollen ankles and bloating. Getting a pedicure can help relieve some of the strain on your feet, making you feel much better. There are no risks associated with having a pedicure during pregnancy. The nail polish chemicals won’t get into your body through your nails.

The only downside is that the smell may be hard to take if you are feeling nauseous. You can avoid this by making sure there is good ventilation where you are sitting.

Keep Your Pedicure Tools Clean

Your pedicure tools should be regularly cleaned to remove germs and keep them in tip-top shape. When your pedicure is done, wash your tools gently using mild soap and water. After washing, disinfect the tools by soaking them in alcohol for 10 to 15 minutes.

Men Can Get Pedicures Too

Pedicures aren’t just for women. Many salons and shops cater to men as well. Typically pedicures for men involve trimming, cleaning and buffing the nails, although polish is sometimes used as well.

Use The Best Nail Polish Remover

Acetone is ideal for removing polishes that are dark or difficult to remove. This includes gel nails or gel polishes, which can be tough to get off without acetone. Just remember that acetone can be harsh on the skin. If your skin is sensitive you may need to look for a milder nail polish remover instead. Typically the polish will still come off. You just may need to work a little harder to get it all removed.